• California English Reviews Dewey Fairchild

    Thank you to California English, issue February 2020, for the terrific review of Dewey Fairchild, Sibling Problem Solver! I’ve been reading this professional journal since I was a pup-of-a-teacher.

    What an honor!

    Read the full journal below:
  • Book #3 Dewey Fairchild Kirkus Reviews

    “Both hilarious and wise—another winner in this adventure series.”

  • Dewey Fairchild Book #2 Review!

    “Grass-roots politics at its best, likely to leave readers flushed with laughter. (Fiction. 10-13)

  • Dewey Fairchild Series, New Review 11/2019

    “The problems are real and Dewey’s solutions were considerate and actually focused on helping the teacher, resulting in good solutions for everyone.”

    “Descriptions of the characters show the author wants to be sure that readers know diverse kids and adults are in Dewey’s life.”

    “. . . a feel-good vibe to all the stories”

    “There is a lot to love in these books that will entertain, but also inform thinking for readers.”

  • Best Books of 2017! Dewey Fairchild, Book #1

    “After all, as Horn puts it in this winning debut, ‘where you found kids, you always found parents who needed some assistance to be, shall we say, their best selves.’ Amen to that. (Fiction. 9-12)

  • Lorri Horn Author Interview 11/2019