Lorri Horn’s debut children’s chapter book, Dewey Fairchild, Parent Problem Solver has received rave reviews, including a starred review from Kirkus. It was also selected for Best Books of 2017!

Review from Kirkus Reviews

“Hey, kids, are you saddled with a waaay overprotective mother? A dad who picks his nose? Parents discussing a move to Alaska? See Dewey Fairchild!

Dewey tackles parental challenges ranging from spying on the aforementioned nose picker (and seeing things no child should ever see, yuck) to derailing out-of-control cases of germophobia and addiction to practical jokes. His string of triumphs will have readers cheering him on, rolling in the aisles, and wishing they could line up for consultations.

After all, as Horn puts it in this winning debut, ‘where you found kids, you always found parents who needed some assistance to be, shall we say, their best selves.’ Amen to that.” Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review

Review from The Children’s Book Review

“From an adult’s perspective, this story gains bonus points for encouraging close child-parent relationships and bonding through reading―all while being completely kid-centric. Crafty thinkers ages 9 through 12―especially those with parent problems of their own―that are looking for a humorous, realistic story, will be bound to enjoy Dewey Fairchild: Parent Problem Solver. Highly Recommended.” – The Children’s Book Review

Review from Kids’ BookBuzz

“I have never read a book with a kid giving advice to other kids to help solve their parents’ problems! Oh, how the tables have turned! That has to be one of the most clever ideas for a book I have ever seen! The best part is that the outcome was so amazing! I loved the plot twist, the characters, and the light moments of comedy throughout the story. I also love how, within the whole concept, it still stayed a children’s book. Most books with this concept of advice and solving problems aren’t generally for kids. This one, however, stayed kid-friendly and interesting enough for kids to want to read it. Overall, it was a great book!” – Reviewed By: Farrah – Age 10, Kids’ BookBuzz


Author and educator, Lorri Horn, born and raised in California, has been working with kids all her life. She got her first babysitting job when she was nine years old, became a camp counselor, and went on to be a teacher. It’s true she did eat all of the pickles and popsicles on her first babysitting gig, but she did manage to feed that kid a cheese and pickle sandwich before polishing off the rest of the jar herself. No one complained. Evidently, she had a knack with kids.

Lorri spent a few years studying cercopithecus aethiops (vervet monkeys) and thought she’d be a famous biological anthropologist. But it turns out you have to rough it and camp to do that kind of job, and Lorri’s more of a pillow-top mattress and no bug-repellent kind of gal. Plus, while it was fascinating to study and observe our little non-human primate brothers and sisters lip-smacking to communicate things like “Oh, gee, I’m sorry, is that your branch?”, Lorri found it much more rewarding to share a good book with a kid. Not once did those vervets gather round for story-time.

So Lorri became an educator and an author for humans, who, admittedly, sometimes monkey around. She has a degree in English, a teaching credential, has been Nationally Board Certified, and has taught public school for over 14 years. She loves cheese (if she had to choose between cheese and chocolate on a deserted island, she’d have to say cheese—and that’s saying a whole lot, because she’s not sure how’d she live without chocolate), humor, baking, books, and spending time with her husband, son, and their dog—you guessed it—Wolfie.

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